The Light!

I am attending the Hay House Writer’s Workshop in Maui right now. I will have to post more about it when I get home. I just wanted to quickly share a writing prompt James Van Praagh gave to the people at the workshop. He asked people just to writing a couple sentences to follow this…

Simple Divine Guidance

Though divine guidance can seem simple and small to start out with by listening we opened the door to more divine guidance.

How Did Trump Get Elected?

Group Manifestation is powerful and people must learn how to focus their thoughts because of the power they have to create our reality.

Empaths in Airports!

Make sure you ground yourself, center yourself, and shield yourself when flying!

Your Happy Place & The Future You

Are you happy? Was that a good way to spend your time? If the answer is yes, keep doing what you are doing. If the answer is no, go do something else that has the potential to impact your happiness and long term satisfaction with life.